Annual Canvass

Annual Canvass data matching exercise email

If you are sent an email it will be from Please rest assured that this is a genuine email. It is not a spam and might be in your junk folder.

Emails will be sent out from July 2023 onwards.

Between July and December each year, we conduct the Annual Canvass of properties to confirm who is eligible to register to vote at each address in Harrow.

This is required by legislation and it aims to ensure that the details held on the electoral register are correct and up to date.

Data matching exercise

We will be conducting a data matching exercise for each household against information held by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Depending on the outcome of this exercise, all residential properties in Harrow will either be sent an email or a form to confirm the occupants of the property.

If requested you will need to respond to the email or form, even if there are no changes to the occupancy of the property. This is to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information on who is eligible to register.

It is very important that you respond to the email or form. Even if you do not wish to vote, being on the electoral register can help you, for instance by boosting your credit score should you need to apply for a mortgage or loan.

Some forms do not require a response and this will be clearly stated on the form itself.

The email and form are not registration forms but will allow us to identify any new residents to whom we can send an Individual Registration Form.

When will I receive the email or form?

Due to the nature of the data matching exercise, all residential properties will not receive their email or form at the same time. They will be sent out at various points during July and August.

What do you need to do?

When you receive your email or form, you need to check the information it. If you have been requested to respond the email or form, you will need to confirm the details are correct or inform us of the changes.

How to inform us of a change 

To inform us of a change you will need to complete the online Household Response Form

You will need to enter the security codes provided in the email or form. The codes are unique to the property and may only be used once.

How to confirm your details 

To confirm that the details in your email or form are correct, you can:

  • send a SMS text message to 80212 - you will need to text the message together with the two security codes shown in the email or form.
  • call the automated telephone service: 0800 197 9871
  • complete the online Household Response Form - you will need to enter the security codes provided in the email or form. The security codes are unique to the property and may only be used once.

What happens if I don’t respond?

If you have been requested to respond and don’t do so, we will send you a reminder. We may also call you if we hold your phone number or send a member of staff to visit your property to confirm the information.

New residents

If you are a new resident or have recently moved between properties in Harrow, and you receive an email or form please respond to it. If you have not yet been added to the Electoral Register at your new property, we will subsequently send you an Individual Registration Form to complete.

How can I go onto the Electoral Register?

For information on how to go onto the Electoral Register and whether you are eligible to do so, please see our Individual Electoral Registration page.