Early support

The early support team delivers services and activities for:

  • parents
  • carers
  • pregnant women
  • young people aged 0-19 (or 25 with Special Educational Needs/disability).

It is a non-statutory service area that supports children, young people and families to improve their outcomes and reach their goals. It does this through:

  • positive engagements
  • sustaining their power
  • finding out more about the power they have
  • helping to identify people's needs, to help them become the person/parent they want to be.

Research shows that early support and joint working with our partners significantly reduces the need for intervention later in children’s lives.

Early support hubs

Early Support Hubs are community based sites. They incorporate the nine children’s centre sites and one youth centre. These hubs are the point of contact for early support. They provide guidance and access to evidence-based provision, delivered by the council’s skilled staff and partner agencies.

Where are the hubs?

  • Cedars hub has delivery sites at Cedars, The Pinner Centre, Chandos, Stanmore Park and Whitefriars.
  • Hillview hub has delivery sites at Hillview, Kenmore Park, Gange, and Elmgrove.

Accessing early help or support

To request early help or support on behalf of families and young people, please complete the MASH referral form. Please state clearly that early help or support is required. Ensure all sections of the form are fully completed. 

If you would like advice on completing the form contact MASH on 020 8901 2690 and ask to speak to the early help lead.

Cedars children's centre

Address: Cedar's children's centre
Whittlesea Road

Telephone: 020 8736 6222

Hillview children’s centre

Address: 2 Grange Road
South Harrow

Telephone: 020 8422 4692