Raising concerns to the council

If you wish to highlight a concern about the council or one of its services, you can do so via a deputation or a petition.


A deputation (also referred to as lobbying) is a way of contacting the council to let them know about a concern that you have that is shared with people who live or work in the London borough of Harrow. 

Requests for deputations must be in writing and supported by the signatures of at least 10 residents or representatives of local organisations or businesses in Harrow. The signatories must clearly state their names and addresses or qualifying business address. The request must explain why a deputation is required. Deputations can only relate to an item of business already on a committee agenda. Please use our deputation template to collect this information.

The request must be given to the monitoring officer by 5pm at least two clear working days before the day of the meeting. Contact details can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Petitions can be a good way to highlight issues that people feel strongly about. Petitions are a formal written request, signed by many people appealing to the authority in respect of a particular case. They may be used by people who live, work or study in the borough to formally register a collective request or concern about the council or its services.

We have a duty to consider and respond to all petitions we receive.

For more information please read our petitions scheme guidance.