Council tax e-billing

An electronic bill (e-bill) is a method to receive your bill in a digital format. Receiving e-bills is quick, easy and environmentally friendly. The bill is exactly the same as the paper copy, and when printed off is regarded as the original bill.

Why go paperless?

  • The original council tax bill is accessible at any time (e.g. if you need it as a proof of address)
  • You will be notified by email as soon as a new bill is available
  • The MyHarrow account is a secure online account that only you will have access to
  • It is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the demand for paper

How to go paperless

If you would like to switch to paperless billing, please log in to your MyHarrow account and add your council tax reference number to your account. The reference number can be found on your council tax bill.

For detailed instructions see our guide on how to add an account

If you are already signed up to e-billing and want to know how to update your preferences check our e-billing guide.

Changing your billing preferences

Council tax bills are issued on annual basis - in the month of March. If you change your billing preferences after the month of March, you may not receive a new bill. You will receive an updated bill if your circumstances change (e.g if you start receiving benefits, your payment plan changes or the number of occupants in your property changes).