Council tax appeals

You can submit an appeal if you disagree with any decision relating to:

  • liability
  • discounts
  • reductions for disabilities
  • exemptions

Normally, you can appeal if you are:

  • the person responsible to pay the council tax
  • the person who would be responsible if the dwelling wasn't exempt

You can also appeal if you believe that your home should not be shown on the valuation list. For example, you believe your home is not in itself separate, self-contained accommodation. Equally, you can appeal if you think it should be shown on the list. For example, the property used to be used for business purposes, which have now ceased.

Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of the council tax owing in the meantime. You must continue to pay your bill whilst your appeal is outstanding.

For information on how to make an appeal view the following pages: