Harrow Virtual School

What Harrow Virtual School does

The Virtual School consists of all Children Looked After and care-leavers aged 3-25 years old. This includes the following categories:

  • Pupils in the care of Harrow and are educated in Harrow education provisions
  • Pupils in the care of Harrow and attend education provisions outside of Harrow

We also have a duty of care for Children Looked After belonging to other local authorities who are enrolled at a Harrow education setting. HVS supports where they can, however the virtual head teacher leads on the education from the student's respective.

What we do

HVS champions the educational needs of students by:

  • having robust procedures in place to monitor their education progress, attainment and attendance
  • ensuring they have access to the best possible education and every chance to progress and realise their individual potential, to improve outcomes and life chances
  • assessing, reviewing and supporting Personalised Education Plans and Education Pathway Plans to raise attainment, provide advise, guidance and support for intervention where this is needed

We offer

  • training for designated teachers, governors and other school staff, social workers, carers, key workers and other partner agencies
  • support with studies, future pathways and work experience opportunities for Children Looked After
  • advice, information and guidance on all aspects of education for Children Looked After, adopted from care and on special guardianships orders (SGOs)
  • provide direct support around specific areas such as school admissions, transitions, behaviour, attendance, school exclusions and Special Educational Needs (SEN).