Harrow Virtual School Resources

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Here you'll find learning resources for EAL

  • Teach your child to read: free resources for younger learners with support.
  • EAL Journal: list of resources such as English ESL Grammar Worksheets which can be filled in online and emailed or printed.
  • LearnEnglish Kids: resources provided by the British Council’s Learn English section, including fun activities, songs and games.
  • LearnEnglish Teens: resources provided by the British Council’s Learn English section to improve your English and interact with teenagers from overseas.
  • OUP Headway Series: browse interactive exercises and downloadable audio and video resources. There are exercises to practise your grammar and vocabulary for all levels.
  • Perfect English Grammar: the free part of this site has lists of grammar exercises and explanations. You'll find exercises and answers too.
  • English Grammar Online: lots of fun ways to learn English.
  • BBC Learning English: resources to help new English learners with vocabulary and grammar.

Learning resources designed for EAL students at all levels

  • Home Learning Project Packs: free resources to engage EAL students with up to four weeks of work. Topics include storytelling, literacy, geography, and UK culture.
  • Home Learning for Maths & Literacy: free resources designed to support younger and new-to-English pupils learning at home.
  • EAL Pupil Podcast: free pack of fun speaking, listening and writing resources.
  • Creative Story-Writing: free resources to support EAL students with story writing. Suitable for  younger and new-to-English learners.
  • Skills workshop: printable ESOL resources.
  • Natecla: a guide to useful teaching resources online. The guide was designed in consultation with ESOL teachers from across the country.
  • Agenda Web: English exercises for all levels.
  • Excellence Gateway: brings together some of the most effective resources for ESOL available, including
    • activities from the British Council's ESOL Nexus site
    • material created by the Education and Training Foundation
    • key materials created as part of the Skills for Life strategy, such as the Adult ESOL core curriculum (2001)