Financial help for care leavers

We will try to help you financially, in a similar way to how parents would support their own children. Our help includes:

  • A leaving care grant of up to £2,000 this will help you buy essential things when moving into your own home.
  • You will be exempt from paying council tax for the first six months only.
  • Provide or tell you about relevant money management courses. We make available a “My Bnk” training, twice a year, which is open to all care leavers.
  • Information on how to access your Junior ISA, if you have one (a fund of money set aside by the government and the Council).
  • Support you to open a bank account.
  • Support you to gain important identification documents, such as a passport and provisional driving licence before your 18th birthday.
  • Support you to get your National Insurance number.  
  • We may provide financial support in exceptional circumstances.

Further  information download the Leaving Care Charter.

UASC Leaving Care Team

Telephone: 020 8420 9687