Early support

Early support services

A range of services is available through the Early Support hubs. All services are delivered either by Early Support staff or in partnership with other commissioned services. Below is a list of some of the programmes being offered via Early Support.

Services for Young People

  • Youth Stop
  • Harrow Horizons
  • V.Inspired ECO Talent
  • Harrow Youth Parliament
  • Youth Clubs
  • Outreach and Detached Youth Work
  • Make A Change Leadership Group
  • LGBT Group
  • Studio Sessions
  • CV / Interview Skills
  • Cookery
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Employment Advice
  • Mental Toughness Training

Preschool Services

Family Services

  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Family Learning, Parenting Support, Workshops & Advice
  • Team Around the Family
  • Grandparents Programme

Services for parents

Specialist services

  • Speech & Language Therapy/Universal TALK Groups and Triage
  • SEN/Sensory Room sessions and Groups
  • Targeted Speech and Language
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Rape Crisis
  • WISH Centre
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Early Support Practitioner
  • Technology / Internet Safety
  • Anger Management Support

Education/Employment services

  • NEETs & Targeted Support
  • Careers guidance
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages

Health services