Who is responsible for paying business rates?

The person or company named on the lease agreement, tenancy agreement or license agreement will be responsible for paying the business rates. They will be deemed responsible even if they are not trading from or occupying the property.

In the event that there is no agreement in place, if the property is empty then it is normally the person entitled to possession who is responsible.  If the property is occupied then it will be the person or business who is occupying who will be responsible. We will generally consider a property to be occupied if there are goods and/or equipment in place.

Register for business rates

For information on how to register for business rates please see our register for business rates page.

What to do if you believe you shouldn't be responsible for business rates

If we have informed you that you are responsible to pay business rates but you believe that you should not be responsible for the bill, please ensure you have completed the following:

Leased property disputes

If you have a current lease agreement, tenancy agreement or license agreement and your landlord has not agreed to terminate your agreement, you will continue to be liable for the business rates until the agreement has ended. Submit proof that my lease / tenancy /license agreement has ended.