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Our bulky waste collection service is for the removal of unwanted items that are large or heavy. These unwanted items are usually waste items that do not fit in your household waste bins.

You can also donate your bulky waste items to a charity shop or community group.

Donating your items

Some unwanted items can still be useful, so why not donate them to a charity or give them away? Not only will you help to reduce waste, but your unwanted items will also go to a good cause at no cost to you. 

Take a look at some options below or consider social media to post, sell, or giveaway your unwanted items.

Thinking of buying a new appliance?

When you buy a new household product or appliance, such as a dishwasher, it is worth seeing if the retailer offers a free collection service when they deliver your new item(s).

Bulky waste items we do and do not collect

Some examples of common items we collect include unwanted mattresses, fridges and other household furniture.

Things to consider

Some things to consider when you book your bulky waste collection:

  • Place items outside the front of your property between 4pm a day before your collection day and 6am on the collection day in readiness for our crews to collect from 6am on the actual collection day.
  • Ensure items are easy to see and access for collection at the front of your property (not on the public pavement) 
  • If you live in a flat, you need to leave your booked items visible and accessible for collection by your communal bin area 
  • Items are no longer than 5 feet in length (except for mattresses, sofas, and fridges) 
  • All carpets are rolled up and measure no more than 5 feet long 
  • All relevant household items are dismantled, grouped, and tied into bundles 
  • All sofas, mattresses or carpets are kept as dry as possible (covered if required), but must be placed outside the front of your property for collection
  • Please note that only booked items will be collected. Do not present/add items that have not been booked as they will not be collected. Our collection crews will not call or knock on your door, but will only collect your booked items from outside the front of your property.

How much does it cost?

You can book one free collection in a 12-month period (resets on the anniversary of your first free booking). You can add more items to your booking or book extra collections but you will be charged additional fees.

Fees for your free annual bulky waste collection

  • Your annual booking of no more than four items is free.
  • You can add up to four (but no more than eight) extra items for £24.00.

For example, if it is your first annual collection you can get up to four items collected for free. If you wanted to add more items to this order you can add up to four more items for £24.00 in total.

  • 1x booking up to 4x items is free
  • 1x booking up to 8x items is £24.00

Please note that if you do not put your bulky waste items out or put the wrong items out, you will lose your free collection for that year.

Fees for standard bulky waste collections

After using your free collection, the following standard rates will apply:

  • Bulky waste collections of 1-4 items will cost: £51.00
  • Bulky waste collections of 5-8 items will cost: £75.00
  • Bulky waste collections of 9-12 items will cost: £99.00

Cancelling a bulky waste collection

  • You can cancel your booking by logging into your account and selecting the 'book or cancel a collection'.
  • Once you are in your bulky waste account you can manage your booking by going to the 'your bookings' section.
  • You can change or cancel your booking no later than two working days before your collection date. Our working days are Monday to Friday 6am to 3pm.
  • Cancellations within two working days of your collection, where payment has already been made, are non-refundable.
  • If you are using your free collection, this will not be reset. You will have to rebook a new collection at the standard rate.

Making a change to your booking

You cannot make a change to a booking after it has been completed, you will have to rebook a new collection at the standard rate.

If you forget to place your booked bulky items outside the front of your property for collection on your scheduled day, you can schedule a return for £15.50.

New resident to Harrow?

If you have recently moved to Harrow, it is possible that the free annual collection may have already been redeemed for your new address.

If you need your free collection reset because you just moved into the borough, please complete our bulky Waste reset form

You will be asked to upload a recent copy of your Council Tax bill so we can refresh your free collection for the year.

Missed bulky waste collection

If your bulky waste was not collected as scheduled let us know by emailing bulky.waste@harrow.gov.uk