Arrange a burial or cremation

Burial plots

The cemeteries at Eastcote Lane, Paines Lane, Wealdstone and Harrow are at full capacity.

There are burial plots available at Carpenders Park cemetery which can be used by Harrow residents. This cemetery is under the management of Brent Council. For information on the burial plots and charges please contact Brent Council.

Muslim burials

We have burial plots available for persons of the Muslim faith at the following cemeteries:

  • Harrow Weald Cemetery, Clamp Hill, Stanmore
  • Carpenders park Cemetery, Oxhey Lane

Find more more about arranging Muslim burials and associated fees.

Greek Orthodox burials

We have burial plots available for persons of the Greek Orthodox faith at Pinner New Cemetery.

Burials on private land

It is possible to have a funeral and burial on private land, including a burial in the rear of your garden. For an explanation of the procedure see our guide on burials on private land.

Option to purchase a grave space

You can purchase the right of burial in a grave space within a ten year period.

This facility is only available in:

  • the Greek Orthodox section at Pinner New cemetery
  • the Muslim section at Harrow Weald cemetery
  • the cremated remains sections at Harrow, Pinner New, Eastcote Lane and Wealdstone cemeteries

Exclusive right of burial

When a new private grave is purchased, we will issue a deed of grant for the exclusive right of burial to that grave. At the time of purchase it is also mandatory that the memorial rights are purchased.

Previewing plots

You can make arrangements to view a plot by contacting the Cemetery Office.