Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support reviews

We will review and re-assess your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support claim to confirm:

  • the information on the claim is correct
  • the information on the claim is up-to-date

To review your claim we may send you a form by post or visit you at your address.

You may be asked to provide documents to confirm your current circumstances.

How to provide documents

If we have sent you a letter asking you to provide documents, please:

  • read the contents of the letter carefully
  • make sure that you provide all of the documents we have requested
  • upload the documents via evidence upload form

This will help us to process you application as quickly as possible.

You can submit documents at Greenhill Library where staff are available to help if you need a hand using the self-scanners.

Greenhill Library

Perceval Square

College Road



Using these channels will ensure your documents are quickly matched to your claim.

You will need to write your claim reference number (a 7-digit number) on any documents you provide. You can find this number on any notification letter we've written to you.

For guidance on the types of evidence we will accept see the providing evidence for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support page.

If you cannot provide the evidence required on time, please contact us using the Benefits General Enquiry form

Housing Benefit policies

For detailed information on our Housing Benefit policies please download the relevant policy: