Benefits Customer Service Commitments

Ways to communicate with us

The best way to communicate with us is via our online forms. They collect all the information we need to help us assist you. You can find most of our online forms via your MyHarrow Account.

Most of the information about your claim, including any letters we send you is available on your MyHarrow Account. The account also lets you:

  • Make a new claim for Housing Benefits or Council Tax Support
  • Tell us about a change in circumstances
  • See how much Housing Benefit you are entitled to and how your claim was worked out
  • Securely submit evidence to support your claim
  • See how much you will be paid and when your next payment is due
  • Landlords can also view their payment schedules in My Harrow Account

General enquiries

  • For other queries about your claim you can use the General Enquiry form.
  • You can use the General Enquiry form to find out a lot of information about your claim as well as to inform us about your or someone else’s claim, or to ask for advice about your claim.

Disputes and appeals

Discretionary Housing Payments

For further information including how to make a claim, please visit our Discretionary Housing Payment page.

Providing evidence to support your claim

  • Evidence can also be securely submitted electronically outside of My Harrow Account by using the Electronic Evidence Upload form.
  • While we recommend using online services if you can as your information will get to us faster, we understand that not everyone is able to do this.  If you cannot use online services, you can submit evidence at Greenhill Library. You can also write us a letter and take it to the library to be scanned to your claim.
  • It is not possible to email the Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support service. The online forms will assist you in providing any information you need to or to query your claim with us.