Apply for a sixth form place

To apply for a sixth form place in Harrow you will need to contact the school or college directly.

You should apply to your first choice of school or college. The application forms are available directly from high schools and colleges and it will contain the full details of how to fill in the application and where to send it.

After you have submitted your application

Your application will be acknowledged by the school or college.  Then you will be offered a guidance interview and the school or college will consider your predicted grades and reference when deciding whether to offer a place.

The offer of a place is conditional on your achieving the appropriate entrance qualifications. Details of these are indicated in prospectuses or information leaflets from each school or college. You will be given further details during your guidance interview.

Where a school or college does not offer a place, your application will be passed to your second choice. The offer of a place will be confirmed.

If you do not meet the entrance conditions of your original offer, every effort will be made to place you on a different course in September.

Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate

Some of Harrow’s secondary schools and colleges work together in a partnership called the Harrow Sixth Form Collegiate.

The following schools and colleges are involved in the partnership:

Sixth form schools and colleges which are not a part of the Harrow Collegiate

The following schools and colleges in Harrow have sixth form places, but they are not a part of the Harrow Collegiate: