School admissions waiting list

Children are added to the school admissions waiting list according to published admission arrangements. If they are added to the waiting list, their position will not be static, which means they can be moved up or down the list.

How the waiting list is managed

The school waiting list is managed as follows:

  • waiting lists for in-year applications are available from 10 days after the application has been submitted. If you have requested a school place for a future date, then the waiting list position will be available two days prior to that date.
  • waiting lists for reception applications starting in September 2021 are available from 17 April
  • waiting lists for secondary transfer starting in September 2021 are available from 1 March

We will contact you to let you know when a school place becomes available, which we are able to offer to your child.

Add your child to the waiting list

If you would like to be added to a waiting list please contact the school admissions waiting list team. 

View your child's position on the waiting list

To view your child's position on the waiting list you will need to:

  1. sign in or register to MyHarrow Account
  2. select 'Add a service' to add School Waiting List
  3. use your child's 20 digit school application number for the current year (application numbers from previous years will not work)
  4. add your child's school application number (eg 310-2015-15-012345) to MyHarrow Account. Please use the application number for the current year.

For further details see School waiting list FAQs.