Travel grant for school children

School travel support is a financial grant to cover your child's travel costs to school and back.


Who is eligible for the grant?

You can qualify for school travel support if your child meets one of the following criteria:

  • A child who attends school and is aged between 8 and under 11 and lives more than 2 miles from their nearest qualifying school.
  • A child who attends school and is aged between 11 and 16 who attends one of his or her three qualifying schools and lives more than 2 miles but less than 6 miles from the school.
  • A child who attends school and is aged 11-16 who attends a qualifying school preferred by his or her parents on grounds of religion or belief and where no other suitable school is available and lives more than 3 miles but not more than 15 miles from the school. If during the school academic year an eligible child moves home within Harrow and is receiving travel assistance, it will continue to be available to the current school until the end of that academic year. The parent/carer during this time should secure a place at the nearest appropriate school to the new address for the start of the new academic year. However, if the parent/carer wishes their child to remain at the current school they will be required to make and fund any travel arrangements.

You must also be receiving one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support  
  • Income based Job Seekers Allowance  
  • Income based Employment and Support Allowance  
  • Support from NASS
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Child Tax Credit - if your income is below £16,190  
  • Working Tax Credit run-on (which is paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)
  • Universal Credit

How will the support be paid?

The grant is paid by cheque. It will cover the cost of three months travel at the most economical rate. It will only be paid if your child has a good attendance record at school. Their attendance will be monitored regularly.

You may also be interested in the free bus and tram travel scheme for pupils aged 5-16, provided by Transport for London (Tfl). Pupils can travel free on buses with an Oyster card. For more information see the TfL website.

School travel support policies

For full details of the eligibility process, assessment and financial assistance please download our Travel Assistance Policy.

What shall I do if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change such as your child changing school or home address or if you are no longer receiving benefits please contact us within 21 days of the change.

Backdating the grant

The grant can't be backdated and applications for previous terms will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. The grant will be paid from the term when the application was made to the end of the school year.

School travel support

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