School Streets in Harrow

School Streets Frequently Asked Questions

How does a School Street work?

A School Street is a road with a school on it, or nearby, that prohibits vehicles at both the start and end of the school day. Traffic signs at the start of the School Streets inform drivers of the timed restrictions. 

When do the School Streets operate?

See School Streets for details of each scheme, times and locations.

Which roads are inside the School Street area?

All roads highlighted in pink on the map are inside the School Street. Residents and businesses on those roads are eligible to apply for a virtual permit.

Please see maps for more details:

Who is eligible for a permit?

The following groups are eligible for a virtual permit. Once issued they will be permitted to enter or leave the School Street without restriction:

  • residents and businesses of the Street(s),
  • carers to residents of the Street(s)
  • blue badge holders accessing the school* see below
  • taxis servicing the school
  • school buses
  • emergency vehicles
  • council waste vehicles
  • statutory undertakers (such as water and gas companies)
  • certain staff at schools.

School staff can apply for a permit with written authorisation provided from the school.

Can I apply for more than one permit?

Applications for more than one vehicle permit must be made separately. To apply - residents and businesses must provide:

  • A V5C document for each vehicle they wish to register.

A permit cannot be transferred between vehicles.

If I apply for a permit, can I drive my car on the same day?

No – all applications take a minimum of 3 working days to process. You will need to adhere to the restrictions until you are notified that the information has been processed and approved. If you do not have a permit, you will receive a penalty charge.

I have a Blue Badge; do I need a permit?

The following blue badge holders can apply for a permit:

  • Those that work at a school or business within the School Street
  • Those that need to drop a member of staff or child to a business or school within the School Street

All must apply for a permit for their vehicle and provide a valid Blue Badge number.

Please note that Blue Badge holders who drive through the enforced School Street, without applying and receiving confirmation that their application was successful, will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

I have a family member who sometimes picks up my child from school and looks after my child until I get home from work. Will they be able to apply for an exemption?

No - a carer is anyone, including children and adults, who look after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without their support. 

A person providing childcare, similar to that of a childminder - whether it’s a family member or a paid person/organisation, will not be eligible to apply.

Will vehicles receive a penalty charge if they don’t comply with the restriction?

Yes. As this is a camera enforced measure, vehicles that do not hold a valid permit, will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if they enter the School Street zone during operational hours.

What about deliveries?

We ask that any other deliveries are scheduled outside the restriction times as they will not be exempt from the scheme.

What if builders need access to my property?

It is possible for builders and other tradespeople to enter the School Street zone outside the operational times.

What if you are expecting visitors during hours of restriction?

Visitors will not be allowed into the School Street zone during the operational hours, therefore we ask that they park their vehicle outside the School Street area.

What if I am already parked inside the School Street before the operating time?

Vehicles already parked in the School Streets before the times of operation will be able to exit. If vehicles do not have a permit, they will receive a Penalty Charge Notice on entering the School Street area.  
We would encourage everyone to try to avoid driving in the restricted sections during operational hours to allow more safe space for pupils outside their school.

During the operating times all vehicles are advised to travel at walking pace.

What if it is essential that I drive my child(ren) to school - is this scheme designed to penalise me?

The objective of the School Street is to assist with physical distancing for the school community and to make it safer, healthier and more enjoyable for children travelling to school; not to penalise parents.
Parents and carers that need to drive to school are encouraged to park and stride. This means parking away from the school and walking/scooting or cycling the rest of the way. If you decide to park and walk, please ensure to do so mindfully, and do not cause disruption to neighbouring residents and businesses.

How will parents, carers and children with limited mobility be affected by the School Street?

The School Street will make it easier for pupils, parents and carers with reduced mobility to access school by reducing congestion and creating more space leading up to the school entrance.

Parents or carers of students enrolled in the School (in the School Street), who hold a valid Disabled Person’s Badge (DPB) will be eligible to apply for a permit. Other DPB holders will not be eligible.
No stopping on school entrance zig zags still apply.

For further information, please email travelplanning@harrow.gov.uk