Harrow Supplementary Schools' Forum

Harrow Supplementary Schools' Forum (HSSF) was established by Harrow Council to create a network of supplementary schools.

The forum aims to promote closer understanding between mainstream schools and supplementary schools. It does this by:

  • identifying training opportunities 
  • encouraging supplementary schools to gain the 'National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education' (NRCSE) quality mark 

This is a national voluntary accreditation scheme. Membership is open to all schools that deliver supplementary education in Harrow. For further information refer to the HSSF Aims.

Training and mentoring supplementary schools

HSSF works closely with the NRCSE to mentor supplementary schools to achieve the quality mark. This involves preparing a management file and portfolio of evidence that shows the teaching and learning that has taken place. Harrow's supplementary schools' mentors are available to support this process. The HSSF also works with the Harrow Safeguarding Children's Board (HSCB) to provide safeguarding training. Training is available with NRCSE.

NRCSE quality mark

This voluntary accreditation scheme is designed to enhance and strengthen supplementary schools. The HSSF works with the NRCSE to provide local support for supplementary schools to achieve the quality mark. For further information refer to the NRCSE.

Safeguarding students

Harrow Supplementary Schools' Forum is committed to ensuring safeguarding young people is a priority and works closely with Harrow Safeguarding Children's Board.


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