School children in employment permit

School children can get a part-time job from the age of thirteen. They can only be employed in jobs which don't affect their health and safety or interfere with their education. This is separate to children employed in television, modelling or theatre.

School children can be employed in jobs such as:

  • delivering newspapers and leaflets
  • working in a shop, including stacking shelves
  • working in an office
  • hairdressing
  • working in a café or restaurant, but not in the kitchen 
  • working in a hotel or other places offering accommodation.

An employer will need to get a permit for the young person, which is free of charge.


We will issue a permit to an employer for a school aged child if the conditions are fulfilled. The consent of a parent or carer is necessary and we may seek confirmation from the school medical officer that the work will not harm the child or their education. Child employees should carry their permits while at work.

 Apply for a permit

Body of Person's licence (BOPA)

Below is the application form and guidance for a Body of Persons licence: