Become a school governor

The role of school governors and governing bodies

  • hold the school's leaders to account
  • make strategic decisions about the future and direction of the school
  • strengthen links between the school and the community it serves
  • ensure financial honesty and integrity is maintained

Who can be a governor?

Anyone over 18 who is keen to make a positive contribution.

Is a background in education required?

As a school governor, you don't necessarily need a background in education. What we do value is your commitment, enthusiasm, and that you can contribute some of your time. We'll provide you with the training you need. Governing bodies often require a particular set of skills. This depends on their specific needs.

What are the time commitments involved?

You'll need to attend the governing body and committee meetings. They are on average about six or seven meetings per year. However, as circumstances vary from school to school. Some governing bodies meet more often.

Meetings are usually in the evenings. But you're encouraged to visit the school during the day as well. This could be to support a school activity and to see for yourself the impact of plans and policies.


Apply to become a school governor

School governor application