Street parties

Requirements to hold a street party


You will need to show that a significant number of people want to have a street party, or event.

If anyone objects to the event, you will need to show that you have considered their views in your plans, in respect of the location of the proposed road closure. You need to show that it will cause minimum inconvenience to the affected residents.


You must have public liability insurance to the value of £5 million. A copy of the schedule of cover must be submitted to the council at least 2 weeks prior to the event taking place. Harrow Council is not responsible for any damage to property or injury to any person in connection with the street party. Public liability insurance usually costs about £50.

Risk assessment

While the council does not require an in-depth risk assessment, you will need to show that you have thought about how you can minimise things going wrong. This includes for example disruption due to bad weather.

Music, alcohol and food

You should discuss your individual circumstances with the licensing team if you plan to have any of the following:

  • alcohol
  • food
  • goods sales
  • music
  • dancing
  • or similar entertainment

Street decorations

You must not attach anything to street furniture such as lampposts. Anything that does span the width of the road must be at a height of at least 3 metres. This is to prevent decorations obstructing access to emergency vehicles, should they be needed.

Barbecues, bonfires, and fireworks

Barbecues, bonfires or fireworks will not be allowed on the road, pavement or grass verges.


It is unlikely that you would need permission to sell raffle tickets on the day. The prizes must be less than £500 in total.

If tickets are sold in advance of the event you will need to discuss your requirements with the licensing team. Any profit from the tombola/raffle must go to a good cause such as charity or even towards covering the cost of your party.

Cleaning and tidying

You will need to clean up after your street party and have an area set aside for rubbish bags and recycling.

Please let people know the time the party will finish in advance.

Street parties / licensing

020 8736 6257 (general licensing) 020 8420 9900 (tombola/raffle)

Road Closures

Telephone: 020 8424 1884