Highway searches

How to do a highway search

We provide highway searches, on roads within the Borough of Harrow, for the following:

  • Highway Adoption Status
  • Existence of Rights of Way - Footpaths/Bridleways/Byways
  • Traffic Scheme proposals
  • s38/s278 Status enquiry (s38/s278 Agreement) - these are agreements by the council to adopt new roads or sections of new roads resulting from privately built developments.

There is a charge for an enquiry for a road adoption status, the cost is listed in the fees section.

Requesting a search

Please request a search by email. When you have submitted your request you will also need to make a payment.

Alternatively you can view the following free of charge:

  • a list of adopted streets at the reception in the council offices
  • the Rights of Way Definitive Map by booking an appointment with us

  The information viewed will not be in the form of answers to CON29R and you will need to make your own interpretation of the information you view.


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