Gritting snow and ice

Harrow provides a gritting service to keep our roads flowing during periods of snow and ice. It is not possible to grit all the roads in Harrow in the small window of opportunity we have for the task, and the resources we have available.

Therefore our priority roads include:

  • Major road networks
  • Link roads
  • Routes to schools
  • Key areas of the borough with specific issues.

Finding out if your road is on a gritting route

In the winter months you will be able to see if your street is on our gritting route by entering a street name into our search tool. Please check back soon to use this feature.

Alternatively you can download a PDF of this information: map of gritting routes in Harrow

Tips on clearing snow and ice

For tips on clearing snow and ice from pavements or public areas please visit the Met Office heavy snow and icy roads webpage.

What are standard gritting routes?

Standard gritting routes are the roads that are gritted where the Council determines that:

  • The road surface temperature is likely to be below zero celsius
  • There is a likelihood of frost or ice forming on the surface.

What are severe gritting routes?

These are the routes that are gritted where we anticipate snow conditions following Met Office advice.

These routes:

  • Cover all of the standard routes
  • Cover specific roads that are known to be an issue in snow conditions.

Gritting salt

The salt placed in grit bins is for use on the public streets and should not be used on private property.

We do not sell gritting salt to residents as our supply is stored in bulk and not in bags. Our gritting salt is stored in a working depot with lots of moving vehicles and machinery. It is not safe to allow residents to visit to purchase the gritting salt. Salt can be purchased at a variety of DIY stores or builders merchants.

How many gritting routes are there?

The borough is split into 6 gritting routes and we aim to complete a gritting route within two hours of the gritting commencing.

Do we grit drive-ways of the elderly residents?

Whilst we sympathise with the concerns of elderly residents, we do not sweep any private driveways as our resources are directed to the public roads and areas of high footfall (such as supermarkets).

For advice on keeping warm and safe during the cold weather, please visit the Age UK website.