Current projects in transport and streets

This page provides details on the current transport and street schemes and projects:

  • controlled parking zones
  • cycle schemes
  • street scene improvements
  • traffic calming measures

Latest projects

We are considering implementing or have recently implemented the following projects:

  • 20 mph zones. Awaiting resurfacing of Howberry Road prior to implementation (Summer 2023).
  • Bus priority measures. Wealdstone town centre, proposed completion Autumn 2023.
  • Traffic calming measures. Royston Park Road. Implemented.
  • Localised safety parking programme. Minor waiting restrictions at junctions, bends and narrowings.

Controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultations

Road Proposal Stage
Courtenay Avenue (service roads) between Uxbridge Road and Secker Crescent, Hatch End & Harrow Weald “At any time” waiting restrictions (double yellow lines).


Although scheme was partially implemented Nov/Dec 2022. Contractor returned 7th April 2023 to complete outstanding lining works with the help of a lifter 

Roxborough Park, Harrow on The Hill New Zone (E1) existing free bays to be converted to shared use bays

Public consultation undertaken in November 2020.
Statutory consultation planned for early May 2023.

Kenton Road service road between 704-738,
Kenton East
Proposed new (CPZ) and P & D bays in the service road. Public consultation undertaken in September 2021.
Statutory consultation planned for late May 2023.
Eastleigh Ave, Roxbourne Request for new CPZ

Public consultation undertaken in December 2021.
Statutory consultation Nov 2022 PH report done awaiting approval to proceed to Implementation.

Rainsford Close Request to be omitted from zone (B) and be included in a new zone with extended hours of control. Public consultation (7 weeks) to be undertaken April 2023.
Summit Close/Penylan Close Request for parking controls be introduced in these roads to prevent non-resident parking taking limited parking spaces in the narrow cul-de-sacs. Public consultation (6 weeks) to be undertaken May 2023.
Byron Road/Lorne Road/Warham Road/Spencer Road Requesting the council to undertake a review of the existing parking controls in the area as they cannot find parking in the evenings with a view to extending the controlled hours as per zone (J) Public consultation (6 weeks) being undertaken in March 2022.
Stanmore Hill Requesting the council to undertake review of Stanmore Hill situated within zone (B) including side roads between The Broadway and Wood Lane Public consultation to be undertaken July 2023.
Merlin Crescent Requesting the council to undertake a review of the area to help address parking issues. Public consultation to be undertaken July 2023.
Local Safety Parking Schemes Programme (LSPP) The introduction of minor localised waiting restrictions (yellow lines) schemes to deal with access problems and road safety issues.  Ongoing prioritisation / implementation of requests for yellow lines.