Current projects in transport and streets

You can use this page to see information on proposed transport and street schemes and projects, which are  under way such as controlled parking zones, cycle schemes, street scene improvements and  traffic calming measures.

Latest projects

We are considering implementing or have recently implemented the following projects:

  • 20 mph zones - Clitheroe Avenue area, Kingshill Avenue area, Cavendish Avenue, High Worple and Waxwell Lane
  • pedestrian crossing facilities  - pedestrian and cyclist crossings in Camrose Avenue and Whitchurch Lane; Zebra crossings in Marsh Road, Love Lane, Greenford Road and Old Church Lane.
  • congestion relief schemes  - London Road, Stanmore and Alexandra Avenue network performance studies; pelican crossing upgrades and waiting/loading restrictions at congestion points.
  • bus priority measures  - Pinner Road, North Harrow, Shaftesbury Avenue/Roxeth Hill, College Road, High Road Harrow Weald and Wealdstone town centre.
  • other minor schemes  - Bessborough Road, Common Road, Rayners Lane junction with Clitheroe Avenue.
  • localised safety parking programme - minor waiting restrictions at junctions, bends and narrowings

Controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultations

Road Proposal Stage
Clitheroe Avenue CPZ Implementation on hold until further notice
Gordon Road area CPZ review

statutory consultation

Eaton Close and Hall Farm Close CPZ Implementation on hold until further notice
Harrow on the Hill CPZ

Implementation on hold until further notice

Vaughan Road possible CPZ extension withdrawn
Grimsdyke Road area possible new CPZ at feasibility stage
Buckingham Road, Edgware possible new CPZ at feasibility stage
The Chase, Pinner possible new CPZ at feasibility stage
Walton Drive possible CPZ extension at feasibility stage







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