Prior approval for extensions and conversions

The Government has changed Permitted Development rights so that householders can build larger extensions.

However to do so, they must gain Prior Approval from the council before commencing work.

The increase is from 3 metres to 6 metres for a terraced or semi-detached property, and 8 metres for a detached property.

Completion is taken to be practical completion (walls, roof, doors and windows completed and the building watertight).

The new Prior Approval procedure requires a developer to provide some basic information about a proposed extension and involves a process of consultation with immediate neighbours. This process lasts 42 days.

If you gain Prior Approval it does not necessarily mean your development is lawful, as there are other permitted development rules you must comply with. Combining the extension with other developments also might not be allowed, even if those developments have permission separately.

The combination of developments may change the circumstances in such a way that permission or lawfulness would no longer be valid. The council recommends you obtain a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development.

To apply for Prior Approval please read our guidance notes and download the application form.

All applications can be sent to the contact details on this page.

Please note, smaller extensions, typically 3 metres or under for semi detached houses or 4 metres for detached houses do not need prior approval, but are subject to all relevant permitted development restrictions.