Locally listed buildings

Locally listed buildings are of importance to the borough for their local interest and the positive contribution that they make to the townscape.

They are of historic or architectural merit but not of enough outstanding quality to be statutorily listed and therefore are not offered the same protection.

They are however protected locally by planning policy. Designation is about recognising what gives the building its special interest and then managing its future.

Good management of locally listed buildings can lead to better neighbourhoods.

There are currently 909 locally listed buildings in Harrow. See a list of Harrow's locally listed buildings in an appendix to the Locally Listed Buildings Supplementary planning document (SPD).

Our selection criteria for local listing are broadly based upon those for statutory listing but with additional local considerations, such as the contribution made to the local environment and townscape, as follows:

  • Architectural interest - including architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship;
  • Townscape/Group value - including important contributions to unified architectural or historic groups, areas of planned townscape, or the local townscape
  • Historic interest - illustrating aspects of local/national social, economic, cultural or military history; and
  • Close historical associations - with locally/nationally important people or events.

Find locally listed buildings in Harrow

To find and view locally listed buildings in the borough you can view our listed buildings map.

Local listed buildings SPD

This document is essentially a guidance document intended to provide good practice advice for owners and occupiers of locally listed buildings for their maintenance and conservation and also to provide advice on the relevant planning controls.

This is important since locally listed buildings contribute greatly to the quality and sense of place of the local environment and so their protection and continued wellbeing is sought.

This guidance document forms an SPD which does not carry formal 'development plan' status but is a material consideration when deciding planning applications for proposals to which they apply.

The document can also be found at Locally Listed Buildings SPD.