Listed buildings

In England there are around 372,905 listed building entries, 300 of which are in Harrow. These buildings are of national importance and are therefore of significant importance to the borough.

What are listed buildings?

Listed buildings are buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest and are protected by law. This protection extends to interiors as well as exteriors.

As such Listed Building Consent is required for any alterations to a listed building or structure which affect its special interest.

We determine whether works require Listed Building Consent. If you are considering any alterations or repairs, to obtain advice you can email our conservation officer at

Failure to get consent where this is required is a criminal offence, so it is always best to check in advance with the conservation officer.

We work closely with Historic England, and both organisations expect alterations to be sympathetic to the building's historic and architectural interest.

As old buildings are built of natural materials, it is also expected that natural materials are used in repairs, such as lime mortar for re-pointing joints and timber for window and door repairs.

A listed building is usually highlighted in the land registry search when a building is bought or sold, but if you would like to find out if your building is listed you can:

Please also see the listed building consent design and access statement document.

We do not offer grant aid direct to the public but has for some time given a yearly grant to Harrow Heritage Trust, which they distribute for the improvement of local buildings.

For more information please get in touch with the Harrow Heritage Trust.

Applying for listed building consent

For advice on how to apply for listed building consent and to support your application please view the current list of listed buildings and the Listed Building Design and Access Statement guidance.