Land charges

Both domestic and commercial local land charge searches can be requested. They provide details of the various prohibitions and restrictions which may affect the use of a given property.

These restrictions are not normally included in your deeds. Your solicitor will perform a local authority search as part of the conveyancing when you are buying or re-mortgaging a property.

A land charge search will reveal any existing charges on the property. This will benefit you as the result may help you decide whether to continue with your proposed purchase.

What the land charge search will identify

  • The planning history of the location and any queries over its use.
  • Any planning policies which affect the location.
  • Any developments which are directly affecting the location.
  • All local land charges which would restrict use or result in a charge for the new owner of the property.

Payment of searches can be made by card or cheque with full searches usually taking around 10 working days.

Request a local land charge search

To request a personal search you can email