Harrow Local Plan Call for Sites Consultation

We are preparing a New Local Plan for the Borough. This will set out a strategic vision and framework. The plan will detail the borough's development for the next 15-20 years. It will provide details of developments in:

  • housing
  • retail
  • employment
  • community uses.

The Local Plan will include policies to decide on new development applications. They will ensure new development:

  • follows good design principles
  • supports the delivery of affordable housing
  • supports the local economy (creating jobs)
  • supports sustaining town centres
  • supports new or enhanced local infrastructure. (Health care, public transport, schools, open spaces).
  • tackles climate change and promotes sustainable developments.

Call for sites

The 'call for sites' process allows:

  • landowners
  • developers
  • agents and
  • site promoters to submit potential development sites to the council.

Sites are evaluated for:

  • short-term (1-5 years)
  • medium-term (5-10 years) or
  • long-term (10-15 years) development.

We want to know if the public knows of sites suitable for new developments. These could be vacant or under-used sites. We will investigate these suggestions.

If you get involved early you will be able to submit proposals. The proposals will be considered for site allocation for future land use or development. These include:

  • Housing;
  • Employment;
  • Retail;
  • Leisure;
  • Community uses;
  • Art, culture and tourism; and
  • Mixed use development.

Sites should meet the following criteria: 

  • It is wholly or partially within the Harrow Local Planning Authority. 
  • There is no minimum size threshold, but sites should help to meeting strategic goals. It should be of a scale exceeding 0.25ha of developable land (or can accommodate 500 sqm of floorspace).

There is no maximum size of site but separate parcels of land which adjoin or overlap should not be submitted. This is because we need to only see the full extent of available land for the assessment.

If you are submitting large scale sites we suggest working together with neighbouring landowners or promoters. This ensures that a coordinated approach is taken to reach their potential.

To consider a full range of developable sites, sites can be greenfield or previously developed (brownfield) land.

How to submit sites

You can complete the online call for sites form below. Stakeholders can provide site information such as:

  • its location
  • existing/proposed uses
  • potential development capacity
  • delivery timescales
  • if there are any suitability, availability or delivery issues.

You can attach information to support proposals for the site.

Please provide all the requested information for the site. Detailed information will help appraise the site for Local Plan inclusion. We cannot accept anonymous submissions as we may need to contact you in the future about the submission.

Submit a site


Consultation on Formal Call for sites has now closed. All sites proposed will be carefully considered by the Council in relation to their potential to be taken forward as part of the site allocations in the next stage of the new Harrow Local Plan. In the meantime, if you wish to put forward any further sites for consideration, please submit them via the Call for sites platform and contact the Council as soon as possible via: local.plan@harrow.gov.uk

Please note that we may be unable to consider any new site submissions at the late stage of the plan making process

What happens next?

A fair assessment of the submitted sites will be carried out. This is to assess their suitability against the guidelines set in:

  • the National Planning Policy Framework
  • Planning Practice Guidance and
  • the London Plan (2021).

This will help identify sites for potential inclusion in the Local Plan. This will be published as part of the Local Plan - evidence base. Any submitted sites may be subject to a future public and stakeholder consultation.

Please make it clear in your submission(s) if any information is commercially sensitive or confidential. This is so it can be excluded from any publications. You may comment on site allocations in the public consultation phase.

Submitting a site does not guarantee its allocation in the Local Plan or for the suggested use. Only suitable sites will be included in the Local Plan. We will explain reasons for not proceeding with your suggested site.

Sites identified in the Local Plan may not receive planning permission. Proposals will still undergo detailed review. This is taking into account the development plan and other material considerations.

If you need any help or have any queries about the submission of sites, email the policy team at localplan@harrow.gov.uk.