Informal call for sites

Harrow Council has commenced work on producing a new Local Plan for the area. It will outline how the Borough will change and develop over the next 15-20 years, in terms of where the development of new housing, employment space, retail and other uses will happen; their scale and delivery timescales.

It will include development management policies to ensure new development; promotes good design, addresses the causes and impacts of climate change, supports the delivery of affordable housing and supporting infrastructure, in order to promote sustainable development.

Informal call for sites submission

If you are a developer, landowner, agent or a site promoter and have a site that may be suitable for potential future development (e.g. new housing, employment, community uses, etc); and would like the Council to consider including this as an allocation within the Draft Harrow Local Plan, you can complete a Site Submission form via the link below. 

This informal call for sites process is intended to provide an opportunity for sites to be put forward for consideration early in the Local Plan preparation process and in response to queries from landowners and developers. No fixed deadline has been set for the submission of sites at this stage. A formal call for sites process (including notification to consultation databases) will be undertaken as the Local Plan preparation process progresses.

Sites should meet the following criteria to be included in the assessment:

  • It is wholly or partially within the Harrow Local Planning Authority.
  • Whilst there is no minimum size threshold, sites should contribute to meeting strategic goals and typically be of a scale exceeding 0.25ha of developable land (or can accommodate 500 sqm of floorspace).

Please note, that whilst there is no maximum size of site, separate forms for parcels of land which adjoin or overlap should not be submitted, as we only need to see the full extent of available land for the assessment.

A site plan, preferably with land registry title deeds, must be included with the form, otherwise it may not be accepted. The boundary must be clearly marked on an OS base map at a scale which allows the boundary of the site to be clearly identified. The site boundary should be edged in red and any other land within your ownership should be edged in blue.

Next Steps 

We will review all submitted sites and assess the suitability of them for the promoted development against the guidelines within the National Planning Policy Framework, Planning Practice Guidance and the London Plan (2021), to determine whether they should be considered as potential allocations and included within the future Draft Local Plan. 

There will be an opportunity to comment on the proposed allocation and designation of sites for different uses during the formal stages of public consultation on the Draft Local Plan.

It should also be noted that any sites identified as suitable via the Local Plan evidence base does not mean that planning permission will automatically be granted, vice versa.