Enhancing Harrow Town Centre

We’re enhancing Harrow Town Centre, creating a well-connected, cleaner, safer space in the heart of our borough - a place where local people can meet, visit, shop and enjoy spending time. Construction work begins in Spring 2024 to create a town centre that meets the needs of our community.

Enhancing Harrow Town Centre

Harrow town centre

Our aim is to create a town centre for Harrow that:

  • Makes it easy for people to visit and shop, supporting our businesses and the local economy
  • Creates safer and more enjoyable spaces for the community to spend time in and visit at all times of day and night
  • Improves green spaces and encourages sustainable modes of transport
  • Improves access and mobility, ensuring inclusion is at the heart of our town centre
  • Aligns with our wider programme of improvement across Harrow

What is being proposed?

  • Safer crossing points throughout the town centre
  • Better lighting throughout the town centre, improving safety and visibility
  • Improved green spaces along Kymberley Road and Greenhill Way, creating green and leafy corridors and providing shade and shelter
  • Plants and seating along Greenhill Way and near the end of College Road, providing more spaces for people to stop and rest and improving the look and feel of the streets, encouraging people to spend more time in the town centre
  • Improved lighting and renewed planting in the Greenhill Way underpass, creating a safer and more welcoming environment and supporting better walking and cycling links to Harrow Rec
  • Clearer directional signage on College Road, Clarendon Road, Greenhill Way, Station Road and between Kymberley Road and College Road, making it easier for people walking to navigate around the town centre
  • Better cycling infrastructure along College Road, Greenhill Way and Station Road, allowing for safer and more accessible cycling routes
  • Improved market and event space on St Anns Road, providing better business opportunities and experience for customers


  • June 2023: Funding approved for Enhancing Harrow Town Centre
  • Oct-Dec 2023: Public consultation on the proposals
  • February 2024: Public consultation results published
  • March 2024: Contractors appointed
  • March 2024: Final designs now approved
  • June 2024: Construction work starts
  • November 2024: First Remembrance Sunday service to take place at relocated War Memorial
  • March 2025: Construction work in town centre due to finish
  • December 2024 Construction work in Greenhill Way car park due to finish

Results of our public consultation

Public consultation took place between 30 October and 10 December 2023 on our public realm plans to enhance Harrow Town Centre. This consultation is now closed. You can view the results in the Consultation and Engagement Report.

Visit MyHarrow Talk to view our proposals to:

  • better support our thriving local economy, that
  • look to improve walking, cycling and public transport connectivity,
  • create a safer environment 
  • reduce street clutter


We held two drop-in events at Greenhill Library and an online session during November. We sent leaflets to businesses and residents notifying them.

Detailed design completed

We have now completed the detailed design covering the entire Enhancing Harrow Town Centre project scope. This includes highways, traffic, landscape, and lighting improvements which were presented during consultation last year. Feedback has been reflected in the final design.

Upgrades will be delivered to Greenhill Way, Kymberley Road, Clarendon Road, College Road, the Pinner Road and Greenhill Way pedestrian underpass and Station Road.

Greenhill Way Car Park

Plan of Meanwhile Use buildings in Greenhill Way carpark

Planning permission has been granted for a 'Meanwhile Use' building to be built on the north eastern corner of the car park. This was announced in our press release: A new hub for creatives approved.

The development will include a range of temporary buildings for studio, leisure, retail use and include exhibition spaces. There will be public realm improvements, landscaping alterations, and the provision of associated bin and cycle parking.

Works will begin on 8th June. Work is due to finish in December 2024 (28 weeks).

Greenhill Way car park has undergone some changes in readiness for the construction of the meanwhile use buildings. The car park will continue to offer more than 200 spaces and one hour's free parking.
Some changes have been made to the carpark layout. These include:

  • a new one-way traffic flow system, 
  • relocation of disabled bays; and 
  • markings for the Meanwhile Use construction site boundary

Station Road alleyway

During construction the walkway into the car park via the under croft (alley way) from Station Road will be completely closed to the public. This will be hoarded off as part of the construction site for health and safety reasons. A new pedestrian route into the car park will be made from Greenhill Way. The entrance and exit routes for vehicles into the car park remains the same.

From June 2024 our contractor Riney Ltd will start work to implement the new car park layout. Following this Sullivan Brothers Ltd will be undertaking the construction of the site and they will be on site putting up the hoardings and will then start construction of the building. 


We have written to businesses and residents living around Greenhill Way carpark and hand-delivered the letters. We have also written to businesses who use the car park.

War memorial relocation

War memorial in Harrow Town Centre


In April 2024 Harrow’s War Memorial was relocated to the town centre. In May 2024 a rededication ceremony was held.

The memorial, made of granite, was carefully dismantled by experienced stonemasons. It has been re-installed at its new home in St Ann’s Road.

The move was necessary because of redevelopment plans for the Civic Centre as part of the London Borough of Harrow’s regeneration programme. 

We have worked with the Deputy Lieutenant’s office throughout the relocation, and to discuss future parade routes. We'll share details of this year’s parade and service nearer the time.