Apply for a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development

What is a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development (CLPD)?

  • A CLPD confirms whether a development is lawful for planning. It can be for an existing or proposed development.

We check if your house has permitted development rights. We also check if the proposal falls within the restrictions of permitted development. We will then issue a CLPD to say that your proposal does not need planning permission. We recommend you get a CLPD before starting any work.

We have eight weeks to review a valid certificate application. The fee is £86.00 for a householder proposal. To speed up the process, you need to make sure all the plans, documents and fees are correct.

Most residents prefer to use an agent. This is to make sure all the details of their application are correct. For more information, see our validation notes.

Applying for a CLPD

You can submit an application for a CLPD online. Some things you will need:

  • An Ordnance Survey site plan
  • Scaled plans: a) Elevation plans (side views) b) Floor plans c) Roof plans 4)
  • A method of payment for the fee of £86.00.

Apply for a lawful development certificate