Apply for a certificate of lawful proposed development

To confirm that your proposed development does not require planning permission, you are strongly advised to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development. This is also known as an 'application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed use or development'.

We check whether your house has permitted development rights and whether the proposal falls within the restrictions of permitted development. We will then issue a legal certificate to say that your proposal does not require planning permission. We advise you to get the certificate before starting any work.

We have 8 weeks to determine a valid certificate application. The fee is £86 for a householder proposal. To get the certificate as quickly as possible, you need to make sure all the plans, documents and the fee are correct.

For more information on what is required, please see the validation notes for certificates of lawfulness

Most residents prefer to use an agent. This is to make sure all the details of their application are correct. We cannot recommend agents but will be putting a list of agents who attend our forums on the website shortly.


Planning and Building Control Team

Please use the details below for all enquiries regarding planning consent and building control, including any change of use or change to the outside appearance.

Address: London Borough of Harrow
Planning and Building Control
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Telephone: 020 8901 2650