Appealing a planning application

If we have refused your planning application, you are encouraged to read the Officer's Report you would have received with your decision notice and look at the possibility of changing the development.

This is so that it can be granted planning permission. Some second applications can be submitted for free. 

If we can’t reach an agreement, you can make an appeal to the Government's Planning Inspectors (also known as the 'Planning Inspectorate').

What can I appeal against?

You can appeal against the following: 

  • a refusal of planning permission or consent  
  • conditions attached to a planning permission  
  • a decision not being made within the deadline  
  • an enforcement notice

Before beginning an appeal, you should know:

  • Most appeals related to planning applications must be made to the Planning Inspectorate within six months of the date of the decision. The time period is shorter for householder and minor commercial development appeals (12 weeks) and advertisement appeals (eight weeks). Further information on these timelines can be found in the reading material we have mentioned and recommended reading below. 
  • Appeals can be expensive and time consuming for both the applicant and the council. 
  • It is recommended for you to read the planning decisions guidance notes and information about the planning inspectorate prior to making your appeal as this outlines timeframes in which appeals must be made as well as further details and links to where appeals can be made. 
  • Most appeals are considered under the written representation procedure, but they may also be heard by an Inspector at an informal hearing or a public inquiry. 
  • The appellant and the council can request that their case be dealt with at a hearing or a public inquiry, but the planning inspectorate will decide which procedure is to be used - there is no third party right of appeal against the grant or refusal of permission. 

How can I make an appeal?

As all appeals are handled by the governments planning inspectors, the forms and submissions of these forms are not handled by the London Borough of Harrow and instead can be found and submitted directly through the government website. 

To begin your appeal, you should first ensure you are aware of what type of application it is that you are appealing and then visit the GOV appeals page and follow the links relevant to you.