Pest Control

Pest control in homes and commercial property

The London Borough of Harrow does not provide a commercial Pest Control Services. The Council can’t recommend specific companies in relation to private contracts. However there are several local and national pest control providers who would be happy to quote for domestic or commercial work.

Pest issues from a neighbouring property

If you believe a pest issue originates from a neighbour, speak to them about the problem. If possible, show them evidence. Be polite and ask how they plan to deal with the issue. You may wish to jointly employ a pest control service to tackle the issue at both properties at the same time.

If the problem persists, please email Please describe the measures you've taken to date. Include images or any other evidence originating from the neighbouring property.

Pest control on council estates

If the issue is on a council estate, please email us. Be sure to include:

  • details of the issue
  • location
  • images if possible
  • your name and address

Then send your email to