Pest Control

Pest control in homes and commercial property

The London Borough of Harrow will no longer provide a commercial Pest Control Service.

The Council can’t recommend specific companies in relation to private contracts but there are a number of local and national pest control providers who would be happy to quote for domestic or commercial work.

Harrow has worked with a number of companies in the past and the organisations below operate locally:

Pest control in public locations

Where there is vermin or pest issues in public locations you can report the issue on our pest control form below.

Examples of locations are:

  • Harrow's parks
  • Harrow car parks
  • Council owned properties such as allotments, streets and grass verges.

However, if the issue is on council estates, please email us. Be sure to include details of the issue, location, and photos if possible, and your name and address:

There is no charge for the service and we will not be able to use bait-boxes in parks or on streets due to the risks to other wildlife and pets.

By reporting the pest issues we can further investigate where the issue is stemming from.

If there is an issue regarding a build up of rubbish or litter causing rodents to feed, please make a note of this location on our online form and we will get it removed.

We can never entirely get rid of rats and it is not unusual to see them close to railway lines or watercourses.

Report a Pest Control issue in a public location