Harrow Leisure Centre Swimming Pool update

Harrow leisure centre

We’re pleased to inform you that the next stage of major repair works on the swimming pool ceiling will take place from next week [Monday 24 June].

The pool was closed after a building inspection revealed concerns that needed to be addressed for the health and safety of users and staff.

Careful and extensive investigations have since been taking place. This included surveying the ceiling, looking at repair works required and procuring a contractor to carry out the works. This will be a complex process requiring careful planning to ensure it is completed safely.

While these works take place, we are continuing to do everything we can to help and support those organisations affected by the closure.

We are working hard to have the swimming pool to re-open in September and will keep you updated here.

All other facilities at Harrow Leisure Centre including the gym and sports halls remain open and unaffected by the works and are welcoming users every day.

We thank you again for your patience while this vital work takes place.



1. What exactly are the repairs that are required?

A building inspection highlighted concerns with the ceiling above the swimming pool. Since then, public safety remains our biggest priority – this is something we will never compromise. While the rest of the centre remains open, the pool and sauna remain closed until repair works are complete.

The repairs that are needed are to the hangers that support the suspended ceiling above the swimming pool. This type of repair is not unusual in a humid and warm environment. The nature of the repair to the ceiling which is located high above the swimming pool means that completing the repair is a complex process which needs careful planning to ensure that it is completed safely.

2. Why will the repairs take so long?

These are unplanned works but we are still bound by the Public Procurement Regulations. Since we were alerted, further assessments by specialist contractors had to be carried out to identify exactly what repairs are needed. Contractors will now go in to complete the work.

We are working hard to re-open in September (or before) but this is a complex process of work that needs to be done properly.

3. What about all the clubs and lessons booked?

We have worked with Everyone Active and other swimming pools and all clubs have been offered an alternative pool to use. We will continue to encourage other pools to open up for casual swimming too wherever possible.

4. Will members of the leisure centre be able to get a refund on their memberships whilst the pool is closed?

Members of the leisure centre can freeze their membership whilst the swimming pools are closed if they wish to do so. Alternatively, members do have the option of using

other local venues at no extra charge including Hatch End Swimming Pool, Northolt Leisure Centre, South Oxhey Leisure Centre, and Vale Farm Sports Centre which are also managed by Everyone Active.

5. Is the Council saving money from having the pools closed?

The Council is not saving money, in fact we are losing significant income from having the pool closed. We are working hard to re-open the pools as soon as possible because we know how important it is to have a swimming pool to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.

6. Can’t you refurbish the whole centre while it’s shut?

Only the swimming pool and Sauna are closed. Refurbishing the rest of the centre would involve disrupting the use of other sports and leisure facilities in the leisure centre. Shutting down the entire centre will have a detrimental impact to local people and those using the centre. It is not something we would do, and doing so would mean the centre being closed for a longer period of time.

7. What’s happening with the long term plan to replace the Leisure Centre?

We are currently developing a Leisure Investment Strategy. This will go to the Council’s Cabinet for approval later this year. The Strategy will help councillors decide on how Harrow Leisure Centre should be redeveloped.

8. Why are you spending money if you’re just going to replace Harrow Leisure Centre?

The existing building, opened in 1975, is reaching the end of its life, but it needs to be maintained to ensure that it remains fully operational and safe for residents and staff.

We know Harrow Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool are vital for the local community. Until any plans come forward for a redeveloped leisure centre, the existing building will need to stay open. We aim to keep the existing leisure centre open until any redeveloped leisure centre is ready to open, and that could take several years.

Published: 21st June 2024