Upgrading gas pipes along Harrow View

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Local gas distribution company, Cadent is upgrading the gas network along Harrow View from Monday 17 June. Expected to last 42 weeks

  • Essential work will help keep residents connected to safe and reliable gas supplies for cooking and heating
  • Work starts on 17 June to replace around 1km of pipe along Harrow View for  42 weeks
  • A width restriction will be in place to restrict vehicles travelling northbound on Harrow View 

On 17 June, local gas distribution company Cadent will be replacing over 900 metres of gas pipes along Harrow View in Harrow. They’ll start from the junction of Headstone Gardens to Hindes Road, over the next 42 weeks.

That sounds a lot and may seem a bit daunting, but these works are essential to upgrade the aging metal gas pipes. Some of the gas pipes were laid over a century ago, so they are replacing them with tougher and more durable pipes. This will ensure residents continue to receive a safe and reliable gas supply for the next century to keep homes warm and cook food.

We’ve been working with Cadent to manage to ensure the traffic flows smoothly throughout the works and keep disruption to a minimum. Engineers will complete work in 100 metres sections with rolling road closures in place starting from Headstone Gardens moving south to Hindes Road.

Keep up to date here: Harrow View | Cadent (cadentgas.com)

Traffic management

Northbound traffic:
A width restriction will be in place at the junction of Headstone Road and Greenhill Way to prohibit the movement of all HGV, buses and large vehicles travelling north along Harrow View. This will ensure residential roads are not used by these vehicles.

Buses that travel north along Headstone Road and Harrow View will be diverted along Pinner Road to North Harrow and then back towards Harrow View along Headstone Gardens.

Northbound rolling road closure:
Access for smaller vehicles travelling north along Harrow View will still be maintained up to the point of the Cadent works. Vehicles will then be diverted to use the side streets to continue their journey around the closure.

The closure will move along Harrow View as the works progress.

Southbound traffic:
Southbound access towards the town centre should be maintained at all times for cars and small vehicles.

Service pipe replacement
Cadent will also be upgrading the smaller ‘service’ pipes, which supply gas to properties from the bigger main gas pipe in the street. The Cadent team will be in touch to explain further details, if they are going to replace your service pipe.

Traffic management will be reviewed as the works progress and might be subject to change to ensure traffic is flowing.

Contact cadent:  
Email: customercarelondon@cadentgas.com
Phone: 0800 085 4478 (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm)


Published: 10th June 2024