A plan that continues to put residents first

Corporate plan 2024-26

Putting residents first; a clean and safe borough; and supporting those in need will continue to be at heart of everything the Council does

After a successful year of delivering key flagship actions, the London Borough of Harrow has set out its corporate plan for 2024 -2026.

  • A council that puts residents first 
  • A borough that is clean and safe 
  • A place where those in need are supported. 

This year the corporate plan includes 30 flagship actions. Each of these actions seek to deliver a well-run Council that provides good value for money.

It will put residents first by treating them as valued customers and deliver high standards of service. Improving the environment including our roads and our enforcement approach will help make Harrow clean and ensure residents feel safe.

Where people need support the most, our services for vulnerable residents and families will be made more accessible. 

Working closely with partners, voluntary and community groups will not only play a vital role in making Harrow a pleasant place to live, work and visit – it will help create a better sense of pride in the borough and improve the quality of life for many people.  

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Published: 18th March 2024