Noisy generator forces off licence to close


A business in Rayners Lane was forced to close for nuisance caused by a loud generator supplying electricity. The noise was so loud it could be heard from further down the road.

During the council’s week of action, officers inspected several businesses for compliance checks where they uncovered this off licence. The visit took place off the back of a warning given for selling alcohol without a valid licence as well as complaints from locals about the noise nuisance.

They found the premises with no proper electric supply and instead being supplied by a generator which would intermittently switch off. The generator was operating night and day causing a nuisance for locals and those living nearby. With the generator going off intermittently, it also meant food in the refrigerators were affected due to lack of temperature control.

The owner voluntary closed the shop to fix the issues and update their licence. Officers are continuing investigations and following up with the business owner.

Cllr Anjana Patel, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Community Safety said:

“There are several successes we have seen off the back of our latest week of action. We listened to the concerns of local residents in the area and we took action.

“Everyone has a right to a decent quality of life. I am pleased that our officers have addressing this issue of noise and nuisance caused by a noisy generator found operating all hours of the day. This is not acceptable, and I hope residents can now breathe a sigh of relief and are able to relax at home.”  

Published: 29th November 2023