Marking White Ribbon Day – let’s #ChangetheStory for women and girls

White ribbon day

We’re supporting the White Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness of, and stop violence against women and girls.

Tomorrow (Saturday 25 November) is White Ribbon Day 2023. This year’s theme is #ChangeTheStory. It marks the start of 16 days of Activism - a global campaign to raise awareness around gender-based violence.

Over the next 16 days, there are many ways people across Harrow in their communities, organisations and workplaces can get involved. Not just by learning about the issue and challenges, but also by advocating change, speaking up and highlighting that everyone – including men - can also make a difference to ending violence against women.

Listen to a message from Councillor Anjana Patel, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Community Safety, as to how you can get involved.

In Harrow, we are committed to our work around preventing gender-based violence against women and girls. We have several programmes providing support and refuge for women, girls and men experiencing domestic abuse.

As part of our ongoing campaign to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) we have a survey (open to all genders) to find out where people may feel vulnerable or have experienced threatening behaviour.

If you live, work, study or socialise in Harrow, you can have a say in what areas make you feel safe or unsafe. Feedback will help officers better understand the concerns, perceptions and experiences of women and girls in Harrow and identify public spaces of concern, what improvements are needed and to communicate what will be done to alleviate these problems.

The information will also be relayed in discussions with the community and partners. You can access the survey on MyHarrow Talk.

For further details of the White Ribbon Day campaign or to pledge support visit White Ribbon Campaign.

You can find information about organisations that work in Harrow who support survivors experiencing domestic abuse on our website.

Published: 24th November 2023