New Local Plan Consultation

Local plan: drawing of well known buildings in Harrow

The London Borough of Harrow is in the process of producing a new Local Plan which will guide development in the borough between 2021-2041. We want to hear from people who live, work and have an interest in the borough. The Local Plan is crucial to shaping the council’s approach to housing needs, economic sustainability, health and inequality, and protecting the suburban character of our Borough. We encourage everyone to have their say on the issues that matter most.

Read the draft New Local Plan 2021-2041. A copy of this document is also available for public inspection at the Harrow Council Hub on Forward Drive by appointment. To make an appointment please email

Take part in the consultation

You will need to create an account on the consultation website before you can submit responses to the questions. 

Take part in the New Local Plan consultation

You can find further details and the evidence base on the Harrow Local Plan Engagement Page

How can you have your say?

  • You can learn more and provide your feedback via an interactive Storymap
  • Email us a written representation at
  • Visit us at the ‘Conversation Café’ every Tuesday during the consultation between 10am-3pm at St Peters Church, Sumner Road, West Harrow, HA1 4BX
  • Send us your written comments to: New Local Plan, Planning Policy Team, London Borough of Harrow, Forward Drive, Harrow, HA3 8FL


We are keen to engage with all sections of the community, including those whose first language is not English. Where requested we are able to provide assistance in translating documents into different languages.


The creation of a new Local Plan is an extensive process, the main stages of this process are shown below:

  1. Evidence Base & Policy Drafting (undertaken between 2023-24)
  2. Regulation 18: Consultation on Draft Local Plan (February-April 2024)
  3. Regulation 19: Amendments to plan and second consultation (Later in 2024)
  4. Regulation 22: Submission of Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for Examination (2025)
  5. Regulation 24: Post-examination Inspector's Report and adoption by the Council (2025)

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Formal Call for Sites

A formal call for sites will be held concurrently with the Regulation 18 consultation. The call for sites process allows stakeholders, landowners, planning agents and developers to submit sites for potential inclusion as ‘site allocations’ in the Local Plan. This means that they have the potential to accommodate future development.

For more information see our Call for Sites page

To submit a site, please visit our Call for Sites platform

Evidence Base

A key component of the Local Plan is the evidence base. All policies in the Local Plan must be based on evidence to ensure that they are sound. The information and evidence the council has used to inform the Local Plan can be viewed and downloaded below.:

  1. Statement of Community Involvement 2024
  2. Local Development Scheme (LDS) - 2023
  3. Integrated Impact Assessment Report - Regulation 18
  4. Integrated Impact Assessment - Regulation 18 Non-technical Summary
  5. Integrated Impact Assessment Report Appendix A - Policy Review
  6. Integrated Impact Assessment Report - Appendix B - Baseline Information
  7. Integrated Impact Assessment Report - Appendix C - Policy Alternatives Summary
  8. Integrated Impact Assessment Report - Appendix D - Policy Assessment
  9. Integrated Impact Assessment Report - Appendix E - HRA Screening
  10. Harrow Local Housing Needs Assessment 2024
  11. Harrow Small Sites Capacity Assessment 2022
  12. Harrow Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2018
  13. Harrow LIN Housing Needs Assessment 2023
  14. West London Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2018
  15. West London SHMA Addendum 2018
  16. West London Small Sites SHLAA - Part A 2018
  17. West London Small Sites SHLAA - Part B 2018
  18. London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2017
  19. London Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2017
  20. West London Alliance GTAA Report 2018
  21. Harrow Character and Tall Buildings Study 2021
  22. Harrow and Wealdstone Opportunity Area Tall Buildings Study 2024
  23. Harrow Tall Buildings SPD 2023
  24. Harrow Town Centres Economic Needs Study 2024
  25. West London Employment Evidence 2019
  26. West London Employment Land Review 2022
  27. London Industrial Land Demand Study 2017
  28. Harrow Infrastructure Delivery Plan - Context Report 2023
  29. Harrow Indoor and Outdoor Sporting Facilities Strategy 2023
  30. Biodiversity Net Gain - Regulation 18 Evidence 2024
  31. Harrow Biodiversity Action Plan 2015
  32. Living Harrow - Climate and Nature Strategy 2023
  33. Living Harrow Climate and Nature Strategy - Appendix 1a Strategic Action Plan 2023
  34. Delivering Net Zero Carbon Report 2023
  35. West London Local Area Energy Plan Report 2023
  36. West London SFRA - Level 1 2022
  37. West London Waste Plan 2015
  38. Harrow Long Term Transport Strategy - Consultation Draft 2023
  39. Harrow Electric Vehicle - Draft Strategy 2023

Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA)

The preparation of the Local Plan includes an assessment of how policies could influence sustainability (including environmental, social and economic outcomes) health and equalities. The purpose of the IIA is to highlight and, where possible, address any undesirable effects that may arise regarding sustainability (such as the environment, society and economy), health or equalities as well as identify opportunities for improvements. All Local Plan policies, including alternative policy options have been appraised in the IIA. 

A Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) is also necessary to assess whether protected habitats and species may be adversely impacted by the plan’s implementation. A HRA screening assessment has been included within Appendix E of the IIA (and summarised in section 10), to assess any potential impacts of the Local Plan on any species or habitats. The findings of this are reflected in the IIA report.

We would like to hear your views on this document too, in particular on the key questions listed on Page 5 of the main IIA report, as well as the HRA screening document included within its appendix. The IIA documents can be downloaded from the Evidence Base list above.

Privacy Notice

We process the data in accordance with the General Data Protection (GDPR) and UK privacy legislation. If you have any concerns, the Council’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted on

Further information

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