A guide to using our reporting maps

When you report an issue in Harrow such as fly tipping or graffiti, you will be asked to select the location of the issue on a map. If you need help to use the map please see our guides below.

Moving the map

To move around the map click and drag or touch and move the map. The pin location will remain in the centre of your screen.

Reporting an issue

When you want to report an issue move the map until the ‘confirm location’ pin centres on the point where you want to report.

Select the ‘confirm location’ pin when you are happy with the location and an address will pop up. You can continue to report the incident by selecting ‘report’ or you can go back to the map to change the location by selecting ‘return to map’.

Address search bar

If you don’t want to use the map you can use the search bar to enter a street address and select an address from the drop-down list. When you are happy with the location of the pin you can select ‘confirm location’ to continue with your report.

Zooming in and out

Use the plus and the minus buttons to zoom in (plus) and zoom out (minus) of the map. If you are on a touch screen device you can pinch and zoom with your fingers.

Red (cross) icons and green (tick) icons

Red (cross) icons show incidents which have already been reported but not yet completed. Green (tick) icons show incidents which have been reported and have been completed.

You can select an icon to view more information about the reported incident such as the date, time and status of the incident.

Reporting using your current location

To report an issue using your current location using a mobile device touch the compass icon underneath the search bar. You will be asked for permission to share your location.

By granting access you will be zoomed into your current location on the map. Please note that the compass icon will only show on mobile devices, not on desktops.