Selective licensing

Selective licensing is where the whole or part(s) of a borough are subject to a designation under the Housing Act 2004.  The designation makes it compulsory for all private rented accommodation in that area to get a license from the local authority. Some tenancies and licences are exempt, which can be found under selective licensing of Houses (specified exemptions) (England) Order 2006.

The Department of Culture and Local Government has issued guidance on selective licensing in the private rented sector.

If your premises is already licensed as a House in Multiple Occupation under mandatory or additional scheme, you do not need to apply for another licence, nor pay for another licence. Each premises is only subject to one type of residential licensing scheme.

Areas in Harrow where selective licensing has been enforced

Selective licensing has been enforced in the Roxbourne, Roxeth, Edgware and Wealdstone wards.

Selective licensing fees

The proposed fee is £550 for a license that runs up to 5 years. Landlords who are members of an accredited scheme can qualify for a discount on their first application.

The guidance from central government is very clear, advising that the scheme is not for profit, or to fill an income gap elsewhere. The fee should be used to cover the costs of the authority in processing and managing the licence.

Application guidance notes

Please read the following guidance notes prior to completing the application form:

Apply for a selective licence

Licensing registers

For more information please see: