Our values

Our values and the associated behavioural indicators define how we do things around here.

They are important because they are the drivers for achieving our organisational aims.
They inspire us, challenge us and lead us toward our goals.

Our values are:

Be courageous

We are ambitious about what's possible, challenging the status quo and ready to step up and accept a challenge.  
We make brave decisions to achieve success, delivering on our promises and inspiring others to 'Think Big'.

Do it together

We build strong, effective relationships across the organisation, sharing our knowledge and breaking down silos.  
We listen to others opinions to inform decision-making and seek opportunities to drive collaboration with those that share our outcome.  
We value diversity and always treat others with empathy and respect.

Make it happen

We are outcomes focused, setting clear objectives within a framework and articulating what success looks like.  
We are decisive, agile and quick to act.  We know what to do and have the conviction to do it.  
We break down barriers and enable others to be more effective.

Our behavioural indicators roles below G11 and above G11

Here at Harrow Council, the vision is one of 'Working together to make a difference for Harrow'.

Our new values are key to the success of the Harrow Ambition Plan. The way in which we operate, and our behaviours will drive the organisation towards our goals to:

  • Build a better Harrow
  • Be more business like & business friendly
  • Protect the most vulnerable and support families

You may wish to familiarise yourself with these when applying for roles at the council.