Early Career Teachers induction arrangements

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching. The induction should provide a foundation for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

The induction combines a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF), with monitoring and assessment of performance against the Teachers’ Standards.

All qualified teachers who are employed in a maintained school or non-maintained special schools in England must, by law, have completed an induction period satisfactorily, subject to specified exceptions.
An ECT cannot undertake statutory induction unless they have been awarded Qualified Teachers Status (QTS). Headteachers must check with the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) that this has been obtained.

Induction from September 2021

  • The term early career teacher (ECT) replaces newly qualified teacher (NQT)
  • The standard length of an induction has been increased from one school year to two school years for both part-time and full-time ECTs
  • In addition to the 10% timetable reduction that ECTs receive in their first year of induction, ECTs will also receive a 5% timetable reduction in the second year of induction
  • Schools are expected to provide an induction period that is underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF)
  • Appropriate bodies will have a role in checking that an ECF-based induction is in place - known as ‘fidelity checking’
  • The role of the mentor has been introduced, with the key role in supporting the ECT during induction and is separate to the role of the induction tutor
  • There will be two formal assessment points, one midway through induction and one at the end of the induction period. These will be supported by regular reviews to monitor progress, which take place in each term where a formal assessment is not scheduled

Transition arrangements: pre-September 2021 cohort

  • New arrangements apply to ECTs who start their induction after 1st September 2021
  • ECTs who started on 1st September 2021 but have not completed their induction, have until September 2023 to complete the induction within one year
  • After 1 September 2023 all ECTs will be required to complete a 2-year induction period. These ECTs should not restart induction, but would complete what remains of a 2-year induction

Appropriate bodies

Appropriate bodies will continue to play a key role in induction by:

  • ensuring that Early Career Teachers receive their statutory entitlements and are fairly and consistently assessed
  • checking whether Early Career Teachers are receiving a programme of support and training based on the early career framework

Documents and guidance for ECTs