Private rented accommodation disrepairs

If the property you are renting is in poor condition you should contact your landlord and ask them to improve the conditions of your home.

If you are unable to arrive at a reasonable agreement with your landlord, you can contact the housing advice team for professional advice.

If your property remains unrepaired you can report it.

Your landlord will probably be responsible for most of the major repairs including:

  • leaking roofs and gutters
  • rotting floor boards and windows
  • rising damp
  • damp walls
  • defective electrical wiring
  • dangerous ceilings and staircases
  • faulty gas and water pipes
  • broken water heaters and boilers
  • broken lavatories, sinks and baths and shower facilities
  • repairs to communal areas of the property which are used by all tenants

You may also have responsibilities for the good management of the accommodation, such as making sure communal areas are clean and are well lit.

Responsibilities of the tenant include:

  • some small internal items of repair, under the terms of the contract
  • internal decoration - unless a tenancy agreement states otherwise or decorations have been damaged as a result of the landlord's negligence or repairs
  • occupying the accommodation in a responsible way and making sure it is kept secure
  • keeping sinks unblocked
  • ensuring members of their family or guests do not damage the property

For more information you can also view Landlord and tenants rights and responsibilities in the private rented sector.