Housing strategies and policies

The council faces a new range of challenges as a result of government plans to change the way affordable homes are developed, let and managed.

Demand for housing in the borough is increasing and there have also been changes to welfare benefits that will affect people who live both in affordable housing (renting from the council or a housing association) and private rented housing. We have carried out extensive consultation to create our housing strategies and policies to set the future direction for housing in Harrow. The impact of our decisions is considered using equalities impact assessments. This ensures that our policies and services are fair and accessible to all communities and meet the needs and requirements of all our service users.

Housing strategy

The housing strategy sets the overarching vision and objectives for housing in Harrow. To find out more download the:

Housing allocation scheme

The housing allocation scheme outlines who will get social housing in Harrow. To find out more download the:

Tenancy strategy and policy

This document sets out the council’s approach to social housing tenancies in Harrow:

Domestic Abuse policy

The Domestic Abuse policy outlines the service that Harrow’s housing department can offer to domestic abuse survivors. Harrow’s Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy group is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the council in relation to domestic abuse, and the actions that relate to this. This policy is written to complement the VAWG’s strategic approach and will be specific to the Housing Service. The policy is currently being updated and will be available soon.

Homelessness and rough sleeping strategy

The homelessness strategy describes how we will help homeless households, including those who will not be able to afford to live in Harrow. To find out more download the:

Asset Management Strategy

Aids and Adaptations policy