Empty properties

We offer various schemes and incentives to help homeowners bring empty properties back into residential use and to carry out necessary repairs to bring properties to a lettable standard.

Grants are given to owners and landlords to bring their properties up to the government’s Decent Homes Standard. Landlords then rent the property through one of the council’s Help2Let schemes for a minimum number of years (nomination period), typically between 3 and 5 years.

We have two grants - empty property grant and repair to lease grant.

Empty Property Grant

  • receive up to £15,000
  • your commitment: sign up to a 3-year letting agreement through Help2Let

Repair to Lease Grant:

  • receive up to £10,000
  • your commitment: sign up to a 2-year letting agreement through Help2Let. 

Grants are subject to funding. To check current availability please contact the Empty Property Grant Team.

The grants are designed to provide financial support for the minimal works required to bring a property up to Decent Home Standards and include:

  • renewing a defective kitchen or bathroom
  • renewing or repairing a hot water system
  • rewiring
  • damp proofing
  • renewal of defective/damaged roofs
  • repairing or renewing rotted windows and doors
  • works to remedy category 1 hazards e.g. tripping hazards, excess cold

Report an empty property

To report an empty property please contact the empty properties team.

List of empty properties

We don't provide a list of empty properties in Harrow. For more information see the policy on empty properties.