Vision screening for children

The Harrow school nursing service offer free eye tests to children in Reception.

They test for:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Astigmatism (blurry vision)
  • Squint
  • Short sightedness
  • Long sightedness

By diagnosing conditions earlier, healthcare workers can treat them better. This could make a huge difference to your child’s quality of life. Identifying conditions early, will help your child have a happy school life. 

Poor eyesight can contribute to learning and behavioural problems. Young children may not be able to explain any difficulties with their vision. They may not even be aware they have a problem.

If your child's school is not taking part, take them for a Free sight test at an optician.

NHS eye tests for children

Opticians provide free eye tests for children under 16 (under 19 if in full-time education). You should take your child for an eye test on a regular basis.

Most people should have their eyes tested at least every 2 years. Healthcare workers may recommend you are tested more often. 

There is more information about eye testing for children on the NHS website.