Teenage pregnancy support

If you're a young mum or teenager who's pregnant, there's a wide range of support available during pregnancy, and after you have had your baby.

Unplanned pregnancies

If you've had unprotected sex and think you might be pregnant, you can get a pregnancy test. These are available from your GP, sexual health and contraception clinic, or local pharmacy. All support is private and confidential. For information see the Caryl Thomas Clinic

Support and advice is also available from Brook

Carrying on with your education while you’re pregnant

Becoming a mother doesn't have to mean the end of your education. If you are still of school age your school should not exclude you due to your pregnancy, or related health and safety issues. However they may suggest alternative arrangements for your education. You will be allowed up to 18 calendar weeks off school before and after giving birth.

After your return to education you can receive help with childcare costs through the Care to Learn scheme. Care to Learn also provides support with childcare costs for teenage parents above school age who want to take up learning. For more information about Care to Learn contact them by telephone: 0800 121 8989.

Finding somewhere to live when you’re pregnant

Many young mothers want to carry on living with their own family until they are ready to move on. If you are unable to live with your family, your local authority may be able to help you with housing. For more information see the housing advice webpage.

The Young Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy

A free online guide to pregnancy is available through the charity Tommy's