Harrow Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Needs of the local population

Welcome to Harrow’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). This website profiles the local population. It uses a range of evidence to understand the health and well-being needs of residents, and inequalities affecting them. It supports local planning for policy, strategy and commissioning services.

The JSNA is a statutory requirement. The following organisations provide their knowledge and expertise:

  • the local authority
  • the NHS
  • voluntary sectors organisations
  • service providers
  • bodies representing patients and service users

Harrow’s JSNA is an ongoing process, overseen by our JSNA Steering Group. 

Alongside the documents on the next page, we have a web-based tool. It provides specific details covering the life-course. Each section gives an assessment of the current and future needs of the population of Harrow.

Please also read our latest Annual Public Health Report. It includes an overview of health inequalities in Harrow, including data from the 2021 Census.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the JSNA, please contact at publichealth@harrow.gov.uk

Last updated: February 2024